Friday, December 10, 2010

My list of stuff I've been doing...albeit not important but it's still "Stuff":
-Riding my bike: I've been really good at being physically active lately, especially since my training partner is an official Iron Man. It helps to have some motivation to move faster rather than at my own pace.

-Running: I've been killing it on these runs. This has always been a part of my daily routine but running 3-4 miles after a 15+ mile ride is a new thing and an accomplishment for me. I can't go more than a day with out running...and I don't even like doing it.

-Trying to eat healthy most of the time: I say this after yesterdays meal. I've been cutting bread/gluten out of my diet for the past two weeks (except for one cheat day) and I've felt a huge difference in how my body digests food and how my stamina has increased a bunch.

-Working: What else is there to say? I hurt people for a living, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad.

-Writing: Music and writing in general. COG has a grip of new material waiting to be recorded and I'm sure the world is just dying to hear it (if only sarcasm could be detected through this nerd box). I'm proud of the stuff I've been writing. I have a few projects lined up and a new idea for a writing project I've been brainstorming about. I hope all these projects see the light of day somehow.

-Doctors: I seriously cannot stand the entire medical field but this new Dr I am seeing is a good guy. I hope he keeps up the good talks because I enjoy paying him 5 bucks to hear about all the stuff going on in my head.

That's about it. There's nothing more to write.