Sunday, May 8, 2011

All things must end.

So the newest news I can think of is me moving. The inevitable has came, our foreclosed on house is now owned by the bank. We are being paid to move out by the end of this month. I suppose everybody has a price, right?

I'm at a loss at the moment, couch surfing and random sleep overs will have to suffice for the time being until I figure out what I want to do. It's not the most desirable way to live but neither is paying too much for rent. OC has high rent rates so it's hard coming to terms paying $800 for a room. I'd like to stay in south county so I can limit my car use and ride my bike a lot more. Brian and I have been riding like crazy and it's definitely helped me become a better rider.

In June Brian, AJ, and I are going to be taking a trip to Greensboro North Carolina to visit our friends in Braveyoung and tag along with them for a string of shows across the east coast. It's been about 6 years since I've been there and I'm glad I'm finally going back after years of saying I would.

I have been writing my ass off for this new COG release and I will say it's different but stuff I like to and want to play. We have a split coming out soon, as soon as we record our side (procrastinating).

Ride, Run, Ride, Run, Run, Run, Ride, Run, Ride, Run...that's my week in a nutshell. You'd think I look like a model now but I don't because my eating habits are shit.

Fuck it.
Refused - Shape.../Songs...
Red House Painters - Bridge
Neurosis - Times Of Grace
Jesu - Conqueror
Have A Nice Life - Deathcounsciousness
Integrity - Systems Overload
OM - Conference Of The Birds
Amenra - II/III