Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reverb reverb reverb

I almost forgot...I put together what some would call a "demo" for Burning World. Here's an exclusive link to download it.

I've always been fascinated with low-fi recordings so I decided there's no point in me trying to put together the greatest quality collection. This material is layered with a lot of fuzz and reverb, simple, dark, and...again layered the way shoegaze should be.

Hope you like it...or not we'll see what comes of it.

life as i knew it

I realize that the nature of online blogging is a form of narcissism in its self, which is why I've kind of been neglecting writing (typing) in this for a while. With all the themed blogs about fashion, pseudo porn, and funny photos I wanted to avoid seeming like some kind of self aggrandizing idiot blogger that gets lost in the static.

Then I realized I do not give a single fuck.

Work has been going good. There's times like the one up above when I really love my job. I hate the monotonous nose, belly button, and lip piercings so when I get a chance to pierce someones tongue to a giant hole I jump at the chance of doing it. The shop has been consistent even though people are still losing their jobs and the economy is still in the gutter. I'm thankful I'm doing what I'm doing and am good at what I do (self aggrandizement).

Chens...greasy Chinese food that thankfully is catering to my dietary choices. Since I decided to go vegan it's been hard to find food that reminds me of growing up as a fat kid. Chens has been the talk of the house for a while now...this place is a bad influence on my life.

Speaking of which...this past week a couple of us decided to make an overnight drive to Vegas for donuts. We spent a total of 4 hours in Nevada only to come back and get to work at 9:30 in the morning. We gambled, some lost, some won, some won big. I think that little taste of winning has sparked a desire to gamble in me. Luckily the closest casino is not within a comfortable driving range.

That's about all I have on me right now. I don't do much which is why I don't write much. I've been watching a lot of documentaries focusing on Zionism and the whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I never had the biggest desire to learn about that situation up until recently and needless to say it is such a fucked and complex situation going on over there. I suppose my opinions on that subject can be expressed in another post.