Tuesday, March 29, 2011

stay in the shade

I don't have much to update about so I suppose I'll post about some music I've been listening to.

Have A Nice Life - I think this band is one of my favorite bands of the past couple of years. How can I even describe this band? I guess you can say Burning World (read a few posts below) was definitely inspired (aka got me off my ass to record songs) by this band. Think shoegaze mixed with some mild drum and bass, mixed with noise. The record is so depressing sounding and is a perfect mix of slow songs with mid paced songs. The songs themselves are not too complex but not too simple where they get boring or repetitive. The vocal melodies in the music are actually pretty, yes I used that word to describe a mans voice...but it is true. If you have not listened to, heard, or heard of these guys you are seriously fucking up.

Cold Cave - Now before I start this I want to say that I am personally not a fan of AN/GUTG/SG or anything else that Wes has been in, not that it's not good but they were personally not my thing. Cold Cave hits a soft spot in me, that soft 80's music spot that makes me want to dance in a club like in the second scene of American Psycho. I wasn't a fan of Cold Cave until I saw them live at FYF and they blew me away. Love Comes close was a great record and their new one is better, the songs are well put together, catchier, and more layered... and the lyrics are better. Solid new record.

Trap Them - Their new record kicked my ass. I wasn't too big on their last record "Seasons..." but this new record blew me away. This band has matured so well since they've started...although I must admit I'll be that guy and say that Sleepwell Deconstructor is my favorite record...this record comes in a close second to that. I remember when I was told that Ryan was in a new band and was shown the rough tracks of Sleepwell...I couldn't have been more stoked. I am a huge Backstabbers Inc. fan (the Kamikaze Missions record helped me get through my last years of high school) and hearing Ryan left right before the tour that 7gen played a show with them on was a bummer. I played drums at that show...I'm not even a drummer.

This Will Destroy You - I had always heard about this band but I never took the time to listen to them. I've listened to their new record about 10 times within the past week. It's good ambient noise to just zone out to. If you're a fan of that genre I suggest giving it a listen.

Swans - Swans was a band that I came into liking in about 11th or 12th grade (I read about them and M.Gira via Backstabbers Inc. liner notes) and they didn't really hit me until after I graduated. Filth was my first record I listened to that really hit me...really heavy riffs with angry yelling, not screaming but audible yelling. This band has been a huge inspiration on me since then, more specifically Michael Giras approach to his art and music and how it has affected my view on art and the way I create my music. I got to see them earlier this month and if I had not had the flu I would have been 100 times more stoked than I actually was. I got to watch Swans do their thing while sitting in a chair against the wall and it was still an amazing show.

Braveyoung - GOOD GOD. Their new record "We are lonely animals" is seriously phenomenal. I cannot stress enough that you should listen to this record. These guys are amazing friends and amazingly talented musicians. Buy and listen to their new record.

Notorious B.I.G. - Listening to 90's hip hop will always remind me of being a little kid and sneaking into my older brothers room to listen to his cassettes. Hip Hop was my first true love and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for it. Ready To Die is a solid god damn record.

Neurosis - Do I even need to say anything about this band? Every band you listen or have listened to is in one way or another inspired by this band. You are a moron if you do not like or appreciate what Neurosis has been doing for the past 20 years. Listen to Through Silver In Blood or Times of Grace and try to tell me that this band was not years beyond their time.

I have been listening to too much stuff, but this is all I want to write about care to remember at the moment.

I deleted Twitter, I deleted Instagram, I deleted every social networking profile I have. This will be my only connection to the internet...that way if people want to read this then they can, I don't care about reading about them on a news feed.

Fuck All

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life in pictures

Here's some photos from the weekend...I miss these guys so much already.

Check out Braveyoungs album streaming on their page.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cousins of the anti-christ

I'm almost positive people read this more than the actual COG blog...so I'll post it here. We're playing 4 days with our friends braveyoung, from north carolina.

Thursday - San Francisco at the Sub-mission art space. (2183 Mission St)
Friday - Santa Cruz at 105 Pioneer Street.
Saturday - Santa Barbara at Foundation Press (5959 Hollister Ave).
Sunday - Fullerton at Riffhaus.

Come watch these guys and get blown away by their amazing talent.

I'm excited as hell to see these guys as I only get to see them about once every two years or so.

In the mean time...watch Chelsea Wolfe and go buy her record.