Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I guess today was a productive day. I saw two Doctors, one to reinforce how mentally fucked I am and one to tell me (guess) what was wrong with me. I've been out of commission for the past week due to this sickness. I've had a very low energy level, sore throat, terrible sleeping patterns, mucus, everything was just going to shit. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm waiting for them to make me feel better.

This being sick thing has kept me from being outside riding my bike, running, swimming, exercising, keeping my mind occupied, this means that I've had a lot of time to run around in circles in my head. I have not been well mentally and I think it starts to show when I'm physically ill, it takes a lot for me to keep that mask up.

I took pictures of my neighborhood tonight, places I used to play when I was a little kid. It helped a little to sit there and think about being a little kid again and smelling the summer air that was the same air that kept me alive then and now.

If only things were like they were back then right?