Monday, June 11, 2012


Today is my date of birth.

Whenever this day approaches I sink into depression, close off, reflect, regret, whatever. I'm writing this from work, not by choice but because my co worker forgot that he was going to cover me. I usually ask for this day off not because I think I'm owed it, I just don't really like being around too many people today, so here I am. I hate the "it's my birthday" mentality that so many people feel entitled to, gifts, well wishes, good thoughts, cards, dinners, lunches, favors, drinks, and all that stuff. I don't really tell many people it's today but thanks to social media I feel thought about once a day. I'm grateful that people care, I just don't like that mentality that they owe it to me to say something nice today.

I saw Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand yesterday at the Revelation showcase that was being held this weekend. It coincided perfectly with my turning of age. I was 14 when I was first introduced to a band on Revelation Records and that band was Gorilla Biscuits. Before I got into that era of hardcore I was a more metal influenced hardcore kid, considering that time period and the scene at the time I was introduced to some horrible stuff, some stuff I still like, and some stuff that I listen to cause of nostalgia but I understand the steps we all had to take to get to where we are. Last night was like a complete circle being made. It's been a long time since I've worn my Youth Of Today X'd up fist hoodie that I so proudly wore in high school and although I listen to Revelation bands a lot less than I used to, last night was the perfect night to re-visit that music. I got to stage dive to Gorilla Biscuits and sing along. I heard the opening trumpets of New Direction live. I used to sit in the backseat of my parents car while we were on road trips holding a cd player that had Start Today in it, reading the lyrics, looking at the pictures of people jumping around. Everything was so tangible then and now it's youtube, twitter, messageboards, instagram, and this. There's no need to be anywhere cause somewhere someone is writing about it. I suppose that's what separates the herd, people that still enjoy being somewhere and experiencing things as opposed to just hearing about it.
Quicksand was amazing, flawless, so fluid, Walter is one of the most talented musicians in the underground scene and I truly appreciate his music, his time, and dedication to his craft.

I'm done. If you're reading this, sorry to rant. Hope you all have a good June 11th.