Saturday, January 29, 2011

Half sleeper

I've been waking up at odd hours of the night/early morning, surprisingly this has had little effect on my daily energy level. I've noticed that I have been waking up at 6:27 every morning...checking my phone and then falling back asleep until 7:13. In between that almost hour of sleep is when I have my dream(s), as if my mind saves them for that final finale. So here I am awake writing in this, hours before any of my daily obligations (besides work at noon, there are none).

I've been going on a lot of bike rides on my road bike...I've taken quite a few spills by no ones fault but my own. I think I have injured my self more riding my road bike more than I have injured my self skateboarding, playing football, riding bmx, or just being a little kid. That's besides the point, all my rides lately have been no less than 25 miles which isn't much by cycling standards but to a lot of people who don't ride bikes but it's definitely the minimum for me now. Living in Irvine I've noticed how Orange County has a lot to offer as far as different kinds of landscapes...I can ride my bike up and down pacific coast highway or I can ride my bike up the canyon and ride past a lake and trees (which I never knew were there). The only downside to cycling is that I have neglected running...which is not good for me because I enjoy the more strenuous exercise. I've yet to pick up swimming which is something that I need to do soon if I want to enter into a triathlon. Priorities...priorities.

Recently I have come to love my job. My hours have changed and so has my schedule which is good and bad, I work on the busiest days (more money) but I work the weekends...I'd rather do that then have to worry about money. So I guess life in that department has been good. I work 4 days and make more than friends with full time "legitimate" jobs. I'm grateful that in this shitty economy people still want to modify their bodies.

Now to my current musical endeavors:
I have been working my ass off on this new gloomgaze band that I've always wanted to start. Minimalist guitar, bass, and drum work but very atmospheric with atmospheric vocals. It's dark and droney but has a shoegaze influence in it as well. I've gotten tired of trying to figure out who can drum (or would want to drum) easy simple beats so I decided I should just figure out how to record drums via drum machine my self. I'm happy with the results. So far the only member of the band is my it's just a matter of putting together a rough demo and finding members. I decided I wanted to keep the SWANS theme going and name it Burning World...not sure when anything else will happen.

Children Of God: With the inception of BW, I have put COG and other projects on the back burner...I haven't really felt angry lately and I absolutely hate forced aggression...make it legitimate or don't make it at all. We should be headed into the studio to record new material for a split we're doing.

As I've said...I've been working on other projects so bands that don't play often (or at all) get little attention. VVegas will be putting out a 7inch and I'm not sure what The Mistake will be doing...I have music written for both...but again it's a matter of finding the time and getting peoples schedules to sync up. Time will tell.

I can't believe I forgot to mention that I got to see Neurosis a couple weeks ago. FUCK. I am kicking my own ass so hard for not going to see them when I had the chance years ago. This show was unreal though...I have never witnessed anything like it. I think everyone in the crowd legitimately wanted to be there and there was no tough guy "I'm too cool for this show" posturing going on. A bunch of old heads came out and got to see this band melt everyone's brains. Words cannot describe how mind blowing that show was.

That's all for now.