Monday, October 17, 2011

Through out my 23years of existence I have grown so accustomed to the chaotic, emotionally unstable, indecisive roller coaster I like to call life.

What does that mean exactly? It means that I have this ability to feel shiftless, restless, and anxious when everything is going just fine. I feel restless, bored, tired, and ready for new things to come all at the same time. It's a shitty feeling, knowing that I am at ease but I am not ready for it yet.

The days have been going by so fast and life seems to be going by so slow all at the same time.

I'm seeing a new therapist, she's great. I feel refreshed after talking her ear off.

I have finally buckled down (well, naturally) and started writing new COG material, it's...different. The emotions are the same but they are more matured, the music is different and the approach is a lot more different. The show we have coming up should be a good indicator of things to come. I hate deadlines being put on anything creative that I do but I'll just say the stuff should be out sooner than later.

Other things: I have been really getting into on a jock level. Riding my bike produces the same chemicals in my brain that playing music does, it keeps me occupied, it's a good release. The suffering and pain that goes along with cycling is a sign of my personality, climbing up a hill and feeling your legs burn, reaching the peek and then finally sitting down in your saddle and then it's time to shift back up to gain some speed...after all "It never gets easier, you just go faster."

I have made two giant purchases recently, one being a new bike and a new camera. Both of these are taking over my creative side and good results should follow.

I've also been reinforcing my jock lifestyle by going to gym as well..although I don't do much weight lifting. I do spin class and do very light weight feels good.

I have a tumblr now to showcase what photography skills I do have...again a slow process.

I think that's about it.