Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 8. Day 9. Day 10.

Day 8 Lisboa Portugal.

It was about a 3 hour drive to Lisboa from Faro. Much like Faro, the town didn't liven up until the sun went down; well actually it didn't liven up at all. I was surprised as many people showed up as there were. The show did pretty good, although we didn't. Timm lost his voice and I broke a string for the second time this tour. After the show we drove to Toulouse, France.

Day 9 Toulouse France.

This was our third France show. We got into town pretty late and ended up hanging around a shopping mall so the guys could get their wifi on. I went the whole day with out the internet, but I didn't mind. It was nice to not be connected. The show was held at a Karaoke bar and it didn't do THAT well. I think it's expected these days. 2 semi unknown bands on tour for the first time. I think it's the experience that counts. After the show the bar opened up to the "normal" crowd and the Karaoke began. Some of the guys were singing Queen, Van Halen, and things of the like. It was funny for a couple songs, but after a while I just wanted to get going. So we began our second night drive for Vicenza, Italy.

Day 10 Vicenza Italy.

We got here mid day and I suddenly began to feel the heat of this country. There's a lot of good photo opportunities, I wish I had a camera but James is letting me use his camera. I finally had vegan gilato. This place had Chocolate flavored gilato. I got 5 Euros worth and it tasted amazing. It seems like I always type these things (blog updates) in public, where everyone stares at me. I suppose I'd do the same if I saw some weird tattooed guy on a computer in the middle of the street. I'm hoping our show goes well tonight. I remember I used to talk to this girl on the internet in like 2003 and she told me how good the shows were here. That was a long time ago though. That's all I got for right now. Tonight we stay in a hotel? How weird. I've never had a professionally booked tour done for me...and ironically I've never been on a tour this bad financially. Thankfully I'm not paying for it. I'll always stick to DIY booking when I tour.

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